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Application on Power battery module

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Material for power battery module cover and interior structures
Coating system:  Primer:Ultra Hi-TP  +  Topcoat:Ultra Hi-TC
Process: High-rotation bell spray;
Coating Structure: DFT:5μm+25μm
Application: Power battery pack cover

NSST: 1000 hours, No red rust, Acc. DIN EN ISO 9227;
Customized cycle corrosion test: 8weeks, No red rust;
Adhesion: Gt0 ,Acc. DIN EN ISO 2409;
Chemical resistance: with topcoat, excellent resistance to most liquids (including acid and alkaline) ,Acc. VDA 621-412-A;
Fire resistance: 1300℃ Jet flame,30min;
Electric strength: >1×108V/m, Acc. IEC 60243;

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