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Application on auto fasteners

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Nano zinc flake coating systems in automobile industry
Coating system:Nano zinc flake coating (basecoat) and functional interface material (topcaot)
Process:Dip-spin, spray;
Application scope:Automotive fasteners, chassis parts, springs, locks, clamps, etc.

NSST: DFT 8-10μm basecoat,1000 hours ,No red rust,acc. DIN EN ISO 9227;
Adhesion :Gt0, acc. DIN EN ISO 2409;
Condense water: 1000 hours,No rust, No blister, acc. ISO6270-2 CH;
Chemical resistance:With topcoat, excellent resistance to most liquids (including acid and alkaline) Acc. VDA 621-412-A;
Stone chipping resistance: With top coat, rating 1.0, after 2x500g, acc. DIN EN ISO 20567-1;
Coefficient of friction: 0.09-0.15, Acc. ISO 10683.

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